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About Simplypets - Pets Classifieds



Simplypets is an online pet classifieds website. We are a local website for various kinds of pets including cats, dogs, reptiles, fish and birds to name a few. On Simplypets you will also find respectable breeders, pet products, accommodation, facts etc.


The Start of Simplypets

The Simplypets website was started in Jan 2017 aimed at creating a portal for people to have easier access to obtain a pet of their choice, while reducing costs of searching, phoning, traveling etc.


What is our aim?

The BuyApet website provides an advertising platform for private individuals, responsible breeders and others to list their adverts on. Potential buyers or adopters of pets can use the website to make initial contact with the advertisers. We also provide information and advice for potential pet owners. The ease of finding the perfect pet for your home is our number 1 priority, while assisting with several of our other services offered.


Will we prevent dodgy or scam breeders from abusing our site?

Yes, we will do our best to prevent scam and dodgy breeders from trying to use our website. We will do this by monitoring adverts and advertisers' necessary breeders’ licenses to make sure they are valid. 

Do we check adverts placed on our site?

Adverts that are placed on our Simplypets website are monitored regularly.


Will you reject some adverts?

If needs be, we will. We have a list of standards we use in approving or banning adverts. You can read them by clicking on the “Terms and Conditions” section on the home page. The standards will be administered to our best ability. On this section you will also find links to sites regarding the regulations set out by organizations concerned with animal welfare and well-being. We also ask that you respect the precautions we might take. We love animals!


Can I get in contact with Simplypets?

You can use the “Contact Us” section to send us an email or message. We are dedicated to service and will reply to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us on “Facebook” or “Twitter”.

Thank you for visiting!

The Simplypets Team